Birds of Sri Lanka

A selection of pictures taken in January and February 2004

Parakeets and Woodpeckers

Three species of Parakeet were seen, along with a hanging parrot and they are shown with the woodpeckers as they seem to share the same nests along with Barbets. We spent a couple of hours watching pairs of all three species excavating the same hole. We think the Barbet was the eventual winner, but you never know!


As we arrived at this site we saw several parakeets at this nest hole, then two red-rumped flamebacks turned up and took over. Before I had time to take any photographs a pair of Brown-headed Barbets turned up and took over while the Flamebacks looked on! The Barbets can be seen on the Barbet page. Later the Barbets flew away and the Flamebacks moved in again for a while before moving to another hole in an adjacent tree.

Below: Rose-ringed Parakeets.


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