The Birds of

Fraser's Hill,


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Above left: A Black-browed Barbet, head partly hidden behind a leaf. He gave good views through the binoculars but then moved round the tree trunk and disappeared after the first shot.

Above right: this Brown Shrike was in the same area most mornings but always moved further away when I stopped to photograph him.

Above left: I used 80x zoom for this distant Bulbul but was unable to identify it.

Above right: this Chestnut-capped Laughingthrush rarely stayed still enough for a good shot in the dark foliage.

Above: This Crested Serpent Eagle was seen sitting in a tree opposite the rubbish tip one dull morning when we were looking for Flycatchers.

Above: These Greater Yellownapes were seen early one morning, just after dawn when the light was still poor.

Above and below: Groups of Long-tailed Sibia's were often seen but proved surprisingly difficult to photograph.

Below left: 2 shots of a Red-bearded Bee-eater, the only one we saw.

Below centre: Flocks of Silver-eared Mesias were seen frequently but rarely stayed still long enough to get a decent photo.

Below right: Streaked Spiderhunters were seen perched only just after dawn.

Above and below: This Tiger Shrike posed obligingly on a nearby bush but when I got the sun behind me he tried to hide behind a twig.


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